“The eyes are the windows to the soul”.

Just like body language, our eyes convey a lot about how we are feeling. As we are all wearing facial masks currently, our eyes have become our focus feature. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest, and is really prone to crepiness, dehydration, and fine lines. Let’s dive into how we can prevent and counter premature aging.


  • Avoid the sun
  • Wear daily sunscreen – year round, every day
  • Protect your peepers with sunglasses


Even if you don’t have wrinkles yet, you may be starting to see a tired appearance. This is usually due to under eye shadows. Blame your parents! Dark circles are often hereditary. Thinning skin and leaky blood vessels contributes to these dark shadows. Start using an eye cream formulated to boost collagen. Look for ingredients like peptides or Vitamin C. A medical grade eye cream is best: your goal is to thicken the skin, and make the blood vessels below your thin eyelid skin less visible.


I use this award winning eye cream every day. It is jam packed with active ingredients that really work. Many products merely sit on top of your skin. Using lipid encapsulation, the active ingredients in SkinBetter Interfuse Treatment Eye Cream actually get to where they’re needed in your skin. The peptides in this cream help to replenish collagen, so with time your delicate eyelid skin will become a little thicker and more resilient to fine line formation. The entire SkinBetter line is fragrance and dye free; paraben and sulphate free; non-comedogenic; gluten free; free of animal by-products; and cruelty free. And it doesn’t leave a greasy film, so your mascara won’t smudge.


You are starting to see crows feet: those pesky lines at the outer edge of each eye. Squinting makes these wrinkles worse. Solution? Botox!

Botulinum toxin is a neuromodulator which relaxes the squinting muscle. This in turn allows the overlying skin to smooth out. Result? Diminished crows feet resulting in a relaxed, refreshed appearance. I have been injecting Botox for nearly 20 years, and am recognized as a leader in the aesthetic medicine field. My goal is to create a natural result. I want you to look your best, without looking “done”. A Botox treatment takes about 10 minutes, and you will start to see results in 3-7 days on average. Most of my patients return about every 4 months for repeat Botox.


You are noticing lines below your eyes, even at rest.  Fight skin crepiness and wrinkles with Beauty Booster.  This revolutionary therapy delivers essential hyaluronic acid combined with important vitamins and nutrients (called Redensity I) for firmer, glowing skin.  

Beauty Booster replenishes the skin, stimulates redensification of your skin, and provides super hydration.  We use the V2 injector:  a microneedling gun which delivers micro droplets of hyaluronic acid just below the service of your skin.  This precise delivery system can be adjusted according to skin type and thickness.  Beauty Booster stimulates your fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin.  The result?  Denser more supple skin, that is hydrated, smoother and glowing.

A Beauty Booster treatment takes 45-60 minutes.  You will have tiny bumps (like goose bumps) visible for 4-8 hours on average.  I recommend you do not reapply makeup for 90 minutes.  I suggest a series of 3 Beauty Booster treatments, 2 weeks apart.  Then one session per season for maintaining that healthy, luminous result.


With aging we experience changes in the fat pad distribution below our eyes, and the bony eye socket changes shape.  Result?  A hollow appearance below our eyes, making us appear sad and tired. 

I can help your “tear troughs” by injecting a hyaluronic acid filler, to reflate these hollows.  Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule found throughout your skin.  It provides volume, cushioning, and holds 1000 times it’s weight with water!  This is a very technique sensitive procedure, which should only be performed by a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.  The procedure takes about 30 minutes.  The results are immediate and typically last over one year. 


 You may be noticing thinning of your eye lashes and eyebrows.  You don’t want the hassle or time involved with lash extensions.  Your mascara and brow pencil are just not enough.  Solution?  Latisse.

 Latisse is a prescription lash enhancer, available at my Mississauga clinic.  It is clinically proven to make your lashes longer, fuller and darker.  I recommend it off label to enhance thinning eyebrows too.  

 You apply Latisse to your lash line or brows at bedtime, on clean dry skin.  I have been using Latisse for 10 years.  I saw improvement in my lashes after using it for only 7 weeks.  Most patients use it nightly for 16 weeks to achieve their desired length.  To maintain your dream lashes, you continue using Latisse 3 or 4 nights a week for maintenance.

               Dr. O’Neill’s lashes before Latisse            Dr. O’Neill’s lashes after 7 weeks of Latisse

It’s all about your eyes!

Let us help you customize a program just for you. We can’t wait to help you achieve your goal!

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