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Looking to hydrate and repair your skin?

Skin beauty booster is a revolutionary way to deliver essential hylauronic acid combined with vital nutrients and vitamins, for tighter, firmer, glowing skin.

The ultimate in skin hydration, Skin Beauty Boosters replenishes the skin, stimulating redensification, to give you healthy looking, smoother, radiant skin.

How it works

Using the Beauty Booster device, we couple needling with small deposits of hylauronic acid. This targets the papillary dermis, and activates fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin.

The result is a denser and more supple skin, which is hydrated, luminous and smoother.

Beauty Booster Oakville 

We all want beautiful skin, right?  Beauty Booster may be just what you are looking for.

Our skin loses 1% of its collagen every year beginning at age 20!  Collagen strengthens the skin, and elastin gives skin its elasticity.  As we age, the production of collagen and elastin proteins decrease.   This decrease in collagen and elastin results in wrinkles, fine lines, loss of volume, tone and elasticity.  When collagen and elastin increase, the quality and vibrancy of the skin improve.

Beauty Booster is a form of Collagen Induction Therapy.  Unlike some competing procedures, which only offer one method of Collagen Induction Therapy, Beauty Booster combines two treatments in one.  Beauty Booster uses a microneedling device with Teosyal’s patented Redensity I, to deliver hyaluronic acid enriched with antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals into the dermis of your skin.  The patented V2 delivery device contains 9 tiny needles which precisely deposit Redensity I while applying suction prior to each injection.  The suction makes the treatment more comfortable, and is key to the accuracy and uniformity of the microdroplet injections. 

One molecule of hyaluronic acid holds 1000 times its weight with water, making this treatment very hydrating for your skin.  Additionally, the procedure activates fibroblasts in the dermis to create new collagen and elastin.  This produces skin which is denser with improved elasticity.

With some fillers, Dr. O’Neill will target and fill a specific line, or fold or region of volume loss.  However, with Beauty Booster the objective is to blanket the entire face (or neck or chest or hands) with hydrating Redensity I, to create tighter, firmer, glowing skin.  We use 3ml of Redensity I during a treatment session.  We recommend an initial series of 3 treatments, 2-3 weeks apart.  

Beauty Booster Device
Water Splash Redensity

Who is a good candidate for a Beauty Booster Treatment at our Mississauga Clinic?


Beauty Booster is ideal for women and men of all ages, skin types and skin colours looking to plump and rejuvenate their skin.  It is ideal for treating and improving fine lines on the face, neck, decollete and hands.  Beauty Booster will improve a dry, dull complexion.  For younger patients, this is a terrific way to prevent the signs of premature aging. 

Beauty Booster Results Mississauga

What to expect with your Beauty Booster Treatment 

This safe, in office procedure takes about one hour.  One of our medical aestheticians may apply a topical anesthetic prior to your procedure.  The V2 injector applies suction to the skin being treated.  Once the skin is raised, Redensity I is injected into the upper dermis, at 9 points, at the same time.  Using the V2 injector ensures even spread of the hyaluronic acid into the skin.  Thus the skin receives nourishing ingredients and hydration, as well as stimulating growth factors.  Fibroblasts are stimulated to produce elastin and collagen, and the skin is blanketed with hydrating hyaluronic acid.

Following the procedure, we apply a soothing hyaluronic acid sheet mask to complete your treatment.

Slight pinpoint bleeding is expected during a Beauty Booster procedure.  To minimize bruising, avoid products that are known to increase bleeding before your procedure:

  • Aspirin
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (Advil, Motrin, Aleve, ibuprofen)
  • Vitamin E
  • Fish oils
  • Alcoholic beverages

Immediately following your Beauty Booster procedure, you may have mild redness or swelling.  You will have tiny bumps at the points of the micro injections:  these look like goose bumps, and are typically resolved the next day.  Avoid vigorous exercise for 24 hours.  Do not reapply makeup for at least 90 minutes. 

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  • Patients satisfied with their treatment 91.7% 91.7%
  • Would recommend the treatment 90.3% 90.3%
  • Are ready to repeat the treatment 91.7% 91.7%
  • Think the protocol is suitable 84.7% 84.7%

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