Anti-aging for men

At O’Neill Cosmetic Dermatology, we recognize the desire by men to retain a rested and youthful look in today’s competitive and demanding world.

Hectic schedules, job stress, and frequent travel can result in a tired look or wrinkles that do not accurately reflect on job performance. Improved confidence is crucial in our social and work places.

We focus on creating a more rested, youthful and confident version of each of our patients.Treatments offer safe, effective results with little-to-no downtime.

What we can do

We offer an individualized treatment program prepared at our Mississauga clinic, by Dr. O’Neill and her staff. We will tailor your treatment to your schedule. Our happy male patients often benefit from Botox cosmetic to get rid of the vertical lines between the eyes which convey anger or stress. Many men choose wrinkle fillers to decrease wrinkles and fine lines, and replace volume loss in the cheeks or chin. IPL may be suggested to fade sun damage and even out skin tone. Laser vein removal can eliminate facial redness and facial veins. Chemical peels will improve skin surface texture, pigmentation and treat adult acne.

Stubborn love handles or belly fat?
Consider CoolSculpting, the Health Canada approved way to safely and effectively remove stubborn fat without surgery.

Providing you with an individualized comprehensive skin health program.

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