Laser Vein Removal in Mississauga


Dr. Karen O’Neill specializes in cosmetic laser therapy and has extensive experience creating clearer complexions at her Mississauga office.

Redness and facial veins are effectively improved with laser treatment and topical skin care products. We often combine laser vein treatment with IPL for rosacea management.

Sometimes laser vein treatment (at our Mississauga Clinic) is used in combination with sclerotherapy for treating spider leg veins.

How it works

As a board certified dermatologist, Dr. O’Neill carefully assesses your skin condition and determines which cosmetic laser technology is right for you.

The laser light beam used targets blood in the vein below the skin surface, resulting in closure of the unwanted vein and improved appearance.

To get truly effective results, you’ll need a series of treatments. Think of it like working out: results are cumulative.

Laser Vein Removal

Ideal for

Providing you with an individualized comprehensive skin health program.

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