Moles & Skin Tags

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Moles and skin tags
There are many different types of skin lesions. As a board certified dermatologist, Dr. O’Neill has completed 5 years of specialty training in diseases of the skin, following 4 years of medical school. Dr. O’Neill will assess your skin growths, and will discuss optimal treatment for removal for you. Dr. O’Neill specializes in removing moles and skin tags, to achieve a great outcome and minimize scarring.

Moles (nevi) are common growths, are usually brown or tan, and can be flat or elevated. They vary in shape, size, location and depth, and the best removal method depends on these characteristics.

Skin tags are benign, fleshy growths that are usually brown or tan, and frequently occurs in folds like the neck, underarms, below the breast and the groin.

Seborrheic keratoses (aka senile wart, age wart, granny wart, age spot), occur with aging, and are benign, warty-looking, rough raised lesions. They can be brown, gray, black, or yellow and occur anywhere.

Sun Spots (aka liver spot, lentigines, age spot) are benign, tan or brown flat lesions. They occur on sun exposed areas like the face, back of hands and chest.

What we can do

Dr. O’Neill will first assess and identify the type of lesion.

Cosmetic removal of benign lesions at our Mississauga clinic may include:

  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Electrodessication
  • Shave excision
  • Elipse excision with stitches
  • lPL

Providing you with an individualized comprehensive skin health program.

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Moles and Skin Tags

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