November New Product

We are so happy to offer this amazing product by SkinBetter Science. This is a mineral-based, silky soft primer that provides light, uniform coverage with a perfecting and mattifying effect. It blends in across most skin tones. Whether used alone or under your makeup, it helps to absorb sebum throughout the day. Tone Smart is long-wearing, but still breathable, and is perfect if you have sensitive skin or following treatment (such as microneedling) or to wear under a mask.

Tone Smart is the same product and formulation as SunBetter (which appears on the US SkinBetter website). Tone Smart is 100% mineral-based ingredients. Tone Smart provides these benefits:

  • Protection from blue light (your phone and computer screens)
  • Protection from infrared radiation (Heat)
  • Protection as an environmental shield (think sun, pollution)
  • A hydrated glow

How I use it:

After I cleanse, I apply my SkinBetter Alto serum, then my sunscreen. I use the sponge provided in the Tone Smart Priming Compact, and cover my entire face for optimal protection. The key is blending! You can reapply layers, and blend, for additional coverage. You can also use Tone Smart on your neck and chest. I’m currently wearing a mask about 8 hours a day at my clinic, and I love the protection this product provides from mask irritation.

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