Did you know the average millennial is expected to take 25,000 selfies in her lifetime?  Wow!

A double chin can be a selfie killer.  And it can add years to your appearance.  I have 3 ways to help your “waddle”:

1. CoolSculpting

My office uses the CoolSculpting applicator known as “CoolMini” to safely freeze away the unwanted fat below your chin. Using controlled cooling, CoolSculpting will safely define your jawline without surgery or downtime.  The results take just 1 or 2 visits, and improvement is seen in as little as 6 weeks.  CoolSculpting is the #1 nonsurgical fat reduction treatment to reduce unwanted fat under the chin and contour the neck.

Fixing your double chin

2. Belkyra (known as Kybella outside of Canada)

Belkyra is a simple non-surgical treatment to reduce submental fullness or fat below the chin.

As a trained injector of Belkyra, I can safely and accurately inject this Health Canada approved product to break down the fat you don’t want under your chin. In one or more sessions, your neck will appear firmer and your double chin will slim down. 

Belkyra uses deoxycholic acid, a substance your body produces naturally, to break down targeted fat.

The procedure takes under 30 minutes, and you will see results in 2-3 months.

Belkyra before and after

3. Venus Diamond Polar Facial Skin Tightening

We use Venus Diamond Polar Facial Skin Tightening to tighten the skin of the lower face, jawline and neck.

Venus Diamond Polar uses heat and radiofrequency to quickly, safely and non-invasively tighten the skin and reduce fine lines. The thermal reaction in the skin stimulates the body’s natural healing response resulting in new collagen, more fibroblasts and new elastin fibres.

A typical Diamond Polar treatment takes 20 minutes, and we recommend 6 treatments done weekly. Best results are seen about 6 weeks after your last treatment.

Venus Diamond Polar Facial Skin Tightening

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